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Common Industrial Slitting Processes You Need to Know

a person cutting metal sheets

The technological advancements have reached the point where it is now possible to manufacture tools or equipment that serve to help production processes. These tools are now much needed in many sectors, especially the ones that need special final packaging. The slitting process is one example. Fortunately, the manufacturing of certain types of industrial slitter blades has made it easier for operators to work efficiently. As it is a part of the current production flows, companies find it rather impossible to start the workflow without investing in these blades.

It is true that the majority of people are not familiar with what slitting process is unless they work in a certain industry that requires cutting process. However, note that the presence of the blades is way more crucial than what people initially assume since it is the most effective way that can lead to neat and effective packaging. Materials, such as vinyl, films, fabrics, and paper, are often produced onto big bulks and rolls. It is when the slitting processes are necessary to make things easy to handle. This article discusses several common slitting processes in the industry.

two operators working in a factory

Razor Slitting

The most common type of slitting process is razor slitting. Just like what its name suggests, the process requires the use of rectangular razor-like blades to cut the materials into pieces. One benefit of this method is that it allows operators to cut the materials into tiny pieces. Another plus point is that the entire process produces very little dust, making it one of the cleanest cutting process in the industry. More importantly, the equipment installation also proves to be the cheapest that companies specializing in films, plastics, and ribbons often rely on this method.

Crush-Cut Slitting

The main function of crush-cut slitting, or what people usually refer to as scoring, serves to separate thick non-woven materials, such as fabrics and paper. Although the tools are quite cheap, the method is also known to offer the poorest edge quality, resulting in rolls or bulks that are thicker on the inside but narrower on the outside.

Shear Slitting

This type of cutting process is required whenever precision cuts are needed. Note that it is way more expensive to install the equipment, and not all sectors need to use this method. This cutting method is usually required for companies specializing in foils, layered materials, and composites. For that reason, consulting with the experts is advisable before installing the equipment to carefully evaluate the actual condition and the business conditions.…

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Vape Juice


Have you been introduced to vaping? Do you know the right vaping products you need to purchase? They are a few questions that should ring on your mind before you even start shopping for these products. When you are new into vaping, it is clear you do not know what we have and what we do not offer as far vaping is concerned.

When you decide that you want to conduct your research, in this case, you will learn more about e-juice or vape juice. Once you have the required information, it will enable you to identify some of the types that will not work out with your body. As a beginner, you should not risk when it comes to e-liquid. It should be your responsibility to ensure that you take quality products that will enable you to have an excellent experience with e-liquids. If you want to choose the right vape juice but you are stuck, continue reading.

Identify Your Flavors

e-cigaretteThe first aspect that should be put into consideration when are taking of e-juice is the right flavor. In the end, you will come to notice that other factors only matter in a small percentage. Once you do not like a given type of e-juice, then this will automatically mean that you do not like the flavor. But the good news is with these products; you will find the feeling you want depending on your lifestyle.

If you want something simple, remember that you will find the right match. Also, if you have just quit smoking, this means that you will want something different from cigarette brands. All your wants are available, and you can even find the cocktail flavors.

Know Your Types

Ideally, you need to understand that vape juice is made of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerol. You can select the right type you need to use depending on your taste. But remember that all these brands have their merits and demerits. Thorough research on the models will be an added advantage to your overall health. Therefore, ensure that you decide on the type before selecting the brand you will be using.

Test Before Buying

The varieties of e-liquids options are overwhelming to anyone who is either trying it for the first time or one who has been vaping. But for you to find the best brand, it will be wise if you decide to test these flavors. During this process, ensure that you are already free and you want to settle on vaping. By checking different products, it will offer you a delightful experience that will enable you to choose the best vape juice.

The Cost

If you have been hanging out with your friends who love vaping, probably they can introduce you, and you can start vaping. But you need to understand the cost of these tools before you invest in vaping. They are much better than cigarettes, and they are pocket-friendly.…

Choosing the Right Skirting Board- a Buyers Guide

quality home skirting

With so many varieties to choose from, picking the right skirting boards can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, these incredible pieces make part of the amazing design in our homes.


Which pets do you have and how many are you in the house? With a greater number of pets and children, it is advisable that you get high skirting boards to protect the walls, wallpaper, and especially if you have used bold colors which make marks more visible. The MDF Ogee skirting boards can fit such a need.

Ceiling Space

You may be among those who believe that large skirting fit high ceilings while small skirting fit small ceiling heights. One can use small skirting with high ceiling to give the illusion of height. Similarly, one can fix large skirting to make the room smaller. In essence, it is a matter of experimenting with what is available. There is no one size to fit all. If it suits your space and design, go for it.

The Style of Your Home

skirting boardDifferent home styles use different size of skirting. Heritage and Period style of homes should use higher skirting. Edwardian, Gregorian and Victorian styles use over 200mm skirting boards. A modern home allows you to adopt different sizes of skirting boards. It all depends on the owner’s preference. Pay attention to the details and size which fit your home. These will aid you greatly in finding the best match.

Matching the Architraves

It is common for homeowners to match the skirting boards to the architraves. This is perfectly fine, although it does not bar you from achieving a more beautiful look. Using a combination of different profiles of architraves and skirting can give you a better-looking design than matching them. Consider the possibility, it might wow you.

Consider the Colors

You can opt to paint the architraves and skirting boards with a bold color, or paint them neutral, white or stained natural timber. This remains a personal choice. Most individuals opt to paint neutral and white. This is perfectly awesome as it gives the illusion of more space. Nevertheless, you can use color to create different illusions of space. For some areas, matching the paint to the skirting boards will define a specific space. Also, this may help concentrate your attention to a point or object of contrasting color.

Hiding Pipework

Nowadays, it is common to find homeowners using skirting to hide cables and pipes. The real intention is not to hide but make them more accessible when needed. They skirting boards act as covers for the pipes instead of having them embedded in the walls.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right skirting board should not be such a hefty task. It all sums up to the kind of design you want to adopt and the style of your home, and how they fit with those in the house.


Titanium – Why The Aerospace Industry favors it

titanium forging

The discovery of titanium has changed the forging industry. The process of titanium forgings aerospace and machining is utilizing alloys of titanium to create new designs. Titanium has provided the industry with such capabilities that have made the aerospace business become its highest customer. From the making of human joint replacements in the health industry, the aerospace industry is using titanium alloys to build aeroplanes and space vehicle parts. What makes titanium have such a winning preference? Read on

High Tensile Strength to Density Ratios

Titanium forgings alloy titanium with elements like vanadium, aluminium and other elements to form alloys that have a great strength-weight ratio. This characteristic enables forgers to customize it into reliable pieces of less weight, which are suitable for aeroplanes and space vehicles. Lighter planes, missiles and space vehicles travel faster than those made of heavier metals and alloys.

Corrosion Resistant

Over time, metals face corrosion because of the kind of environment they are exposed. Since it was introduced in the aerospace business in the 1950s, Titanium has shown exceptional resistance to corrosion. The increase in airborne salts, electrolyte moisture, and industrial pollutants corrodes surfaces of parts reducing their lifespan. With titanium on the list, long-lasting pieces are being forged, making it the ideal choice for the industry.

Temperature Performance

Titanium performs well in both high and low temperatures. It can withstand temperatures below subzero up to a rise of 600 degrees Celsius, making it an industrial ideal. Some parts like rotor blades and compressor discs face temperatures that rise to 5500 Celsius. They cannot be made using metals that don’t comply with industrial standards of subzero to 600 degrees. Titanium alloys can resist such temperature. Thus they fit such use.

Cost Saving

Airplanes have been using parts which have been made from heavy metals like steel. This increases the weight of planes. Flying heavy planes requires more fuel and increases the quantity of fuel used to push it through the air. Titanium alloys have provided lightweight parts which gradually have reduced the cost. Flying lightweight planes has been taken by many airlines as a strategy to reduce their expenses and increased their ROI.

Powder Metallurgy

This is the making of components using powder metals. The military has used metallurgy in its missiles and space applications. The reason behind it, the parts become more resistant to corrosion, and when this is paired with titanium’s low weight and high strength, they are more effective. It forms components which can interact well with outer space and missile applications.

Beyond Aerospace

The nature of titanium has found use in non-aerospace industries. These include applications in architectural, medical, consumer and industrial sectors. Thus, titanium alloys are used to make products like automobile parts, sporting goods, biocompatible balls and sockets for joint replacements, hydraulic systems and much more. More uses are being discovered as time goes by, and this alloy has matched many uses.

The Bottom Line

Titanium has great characteristics which blend to form versatile alloys that are replacing metals that were used before. This has provided different industries with components adaptable to their use. Similarly, the future in titanium forging aerospace industries seems brighter as titanium alloys get adapted to the many uses in the industry.