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Luxurious Wedding Invitations – Inviting With Style And Class

Luxurious Wedding Invitations

If there is a time when you should splash a little bit of luxury, then it is undoubtedly your wedding day. Given that you are most likely going to do this once in your lifetime, everything about it should be as unique and special as you can make it. Aside from the common preoccupations of finding the perfect venue, wedding dress, music, food, and so on, you should definitely spend some time and effort on choosing the best luxurious wedding invitations. Even though it might cost you more, finding a high-quality designer, such as Com Bossa Wedding Invitations, will be more than worth it.

Quality and class

Luxurious Wedding Invitations The paper used for wedding invitations is not your standard thin printer paper. Instead, it is a special material that is more fibrous and fabric-like. In most cases, it is cotton fiber, which, when combined with letterpress and embossing techniques, can result in some truly amazing wedding invitations

When compared to other common types of paper, cotton fiber is considerably heavier as well as softer. As such, it is much stronger and more durable, as well as capable of producing that feel of class and elegance. Keep in mind that someone will hardly discard or ignore a wedding invitation printed on a weighty and sturdy paper.

Express your creativity and personality

A luxurious wedding invitation made from cotton fiber will achieve far more than just telling your guests when and where to show up for your ceremony. By choosing a letter pressed or embossed invitation that reflects the theme of the wedding and your own style, you will effectively set the tone for the entire occasion. Depending on your and your partner’s personalities, you can opt for highly formal, or completely casual invitation styles. In any case, you can be absolutely sure you will leave a long lasting impression on your guests right from the start.


The process of embossing utilizes pressure and heat so as to reshape the paper and form certain letters. A typical embossed envelope will have raised letters, which, when touched, create a smooth, tactile sensation. If you are interested more in a modern and luxurious look, embossing is the way to go.

Letter pressing

This process is quite similar to the process of embossing. Instead of having raised letters, a letterpressed invitation will have depressed ones. The process of letter pressing is one of the oldest one in history, dating back to the late 13th century, and it was introduced to replace calligraphy. The desired letters can be simply pressed into the paper of choice or performed on metal plates. This is how it is done today, and it is also how it was done hundreds of years ago. Therefore, if you want to add some vintage or classical feel to your wedding invitations, you should definitely go with the letter pressed invitations.

Luxurious Wedding Invitations

Foil pressed invitations

And finally, you may also consider going with the invitations that feature foil lettering as well. Instead of utilizing ink, these invitations are made by utilizing a metal foil to create the letters and print them on the invitation’s surface. When it comes to the most popular foil options, gold is undoubtedly one of them, as it can create very distinctive and instantly recognizable designs.…