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Tips to help you survive in the wild

Tips to help you survive in the wild

Do you love exploring nature? If yes, this is what you should know. Before you think of going into the wild, arm yourself with a few skills. This will not only ensure you remain safe but will also ensure you enjoy your stay in the woods. Listed below are some few tips to help you survive.

Plan ahead

Tips to help you survive in the wild

It is important to prepare yourself before you get into the forests. Invest your time and research about the nature of the place you expect to visit. Also, it is prudent, to know what you expect to find in the area of visit beforehand. With this in place, you can devise strategies that will help you survive there. More to this, you will be informed of items to carry and the routes to follow during your visit.

Let your friends know where you are

You will certainly be wrong to go to the wilderness without informing your friends or people who are close to you. It is wise to inform your friends of the number of days you intend to go to the wilderness. Besides, make it clear of the places you plan to visit. This could be of help in case of any danger.

Carry essential survival gear

There are many essential survival items to take with you once you decide to go to the wild. Some of these tools include a cell phone, a knife, a solar charger, bandages, a compass, a waterproof map, an antibiotic ointment among others. Having the best survival gear will certainly help you out when you get stranded or when faced with danger.


Fire is not only a source of warmth but also a source of security as it scares wild animals. Furthermore, it will help you prepare some food. If you do not have a matchbox, you can use a magnifying lens or rub two stones until they start producing fire sparks then later gather firewood.

Find shelter

Tips to help you survive in the wildWhen trying to establish a place to find shelter, try to first study the climate and the terrain of the place in mind. For instance, if it is a rocky area, you can establish a shelter in caves. However, make sure that wild animals do not reside there. On the other hand, if the area is damp, make sure you first lay branches before you lay down.

Food and water

In case your food and water reserves run dry, you can consider finding wild edible vegetables. However, if such wild plants require boiling make sure you boil before you eat. Besides, you can also catch wild birds and fish. On the other hand, do not take stagnant water. Make sure that the source of water is uncontaminated and preferably take water from a flowing source such as a river. If you cannot find such, you can look for water in rock crevices.…