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Choosing the Right Skirting Board- a Buyers Guide

quality home skirting

With so many varieties to choose from, picking the right skirting boards can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, these incredible pieces make part of the amazing design in our homes.


Which pets do you have and how many are you in the house? With a greater number of pets and children, it is advisable that you get high skirting boards to protect the walls, wallpaper, and especially if you have used bold colors which make marks more visible. The MDF Ogee skirting boards can fit such a need.

Ceiling Space

You may be among those who believe that large skirting fit high ceilings while small skirting fit small ceiling heights. One can use small skirting with high ceiling to give the illusion of height. Similarly, one can fix large skirting to make the room smaller. In essence, it is a matter of experimenting with what is available. There is no one size to fit all. If it suits your space and design, go for it.

The Style of Your Home

skirting boardDifferent home styles use different size of skirting. Heritage and Period style of homes should use higher skirting. Edwardian, Gregorian and Victorian styles use over 200mm skirting boards. A modern home allows you to adopt different sizes of skirting boards. It all depends on the owner’s preference. Pay attention to the details and size which fit your home. These will aid you greatly in finding the best match.

Matching the Architraves

It is common for homeowners to match the skirting boards to the architraves. This is perfectly fine, although it does not bar you from achieving a more beautiful look. Using a combination of different profiles of architraves and skirting can give you a better-looking design than matching them. Consider the possibility, it might wow you.

Consider the Colors

You can opt to paint the architraves and skirting boards with a bold color, or paint them neutral, white or stained natural timber. This remains a personal choice. Most individuals opt to paint neutral and white. This is perfectly awesome as it gives the illusion of more space. Nevertheless, you can use color to create different illusions of space. For some areas, matching the paint to the skirting boards will define a specific space. Also, this may help concentrate your attention to a point or object of contrasting color.

Hiding Pipework

Nowadays, it is common to find homeowners using skirting to hide cables and pipes. The real intention is not to hide but make them more accessible when needed. They skirting boards act as covers for the pipes instead of having them embedded in the walls.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right skirting board should not be such a hefty task. It all sums up to the kind of design you want to adopt and the style of your home, and how they fit with those in the house.