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Best Hair Growth Products for Men

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Hair loss is a purely natural occurrence, and it can be reversed or be prevented depending on the impact or the experience of every individual. Hair loss and thinning of the hair threads is caused by several factors including, genetic factors, age, stress, and alopecia among other medical conditions.

Seeking further examination from a qualified dermatologist can be helpful before starting to apply various hair products. Looking for the best hair growth products for men in Melbourne can be quite tricky primarily when you do not apprehend what hair products entail.

Whether you are looking for these products on the internet or offline stores, you need prior information to make the best purchase. That is why in this article I will address some of the top hair growth products for men for you to make an informed decision. Keeping reading to comprehend the probity engulfing hair products sold on either online or offline market platforms.


productsThis is a male hair regrowth product which is approximately 5% of minoxidil topical Aerosol treatments. It is among the top selling hair product on most online selling platforms. It is recommended by doctors because it has fewer side effects compared to other hair treatment products. It is easy to use, and the recommended method of application is more effective in several incidences of hair loss.

Rogaine is a product that helps in prolonging the phase of hair growth and the revitalizing of your hair follicles. Also, Rogaine helps to regrow thicker hair. Most male users about 90% out of the total who have tried out this product have seen positive results. When applying, you make its foam and dispense using your hands and massage throughout the area where there is no hair.


This is also one of the greatest hair growths stimulating Shampoo treatment that is vastly recognized. It is found on at least every list that contains top and best men hair products. Just like Rogaine is had fewer side effects and it has born great results to those that have tried it out.

It is unique since it has a very long list of pure and natural constituent ingredients. It is made up of jojoba oil, sage oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, green tea extract and many others. However, its key ingredients include biotin, emu oil, and castor oil. Also, caffeine is as well a constituent element in this product and should not be overlooked.


Finasteride is also referred to as propecia. Though most people have been making noises on the internet on its side effects, we cannot deny its strong impact on hair regrowth. Some of the claims include; losing a great deal of libido and experiencing erectile dysfunction which makes most many develop a phobia towards this treatment.

However, there are certain allegations that should not be overlooked anyway. The bottom line is, Propecia is among the best hair treatment products. And for the record, about 1% of the people have not noticed the required results due to various reasons. However, it’s advisable to seek the doctor’s advice before committing yourself to any of the products herein.

Kirkland Minoxidil

bald headThis product is mainly used to thicken and help in growing your hair back. It contains a 10% concentration of Minoxidil which is quite higher than about the 5% which is found in other hair products.

Its foam is most recommended for males who have a sensitive skin which also dries up fast. The results after using this product are noticed after about seven weeks.…