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5 Suitable areas to place your security camera

5 Suitable areas to place your security camera


Concerned about what goes on within your home while you are absent? You can start by having a security camera installed. Recent studies show that properties with functional security cameras are less prone to burglary than the others. Looking for a security camera, you can rely on? Visit this link. Once you have it purchased, you can have it installed by a professional or do it on your own. The camera purchased must be suitable enough to allow easy installation within your home.

The place where you will have your camera installed is equally important. If you have it installed in a wrong spot, you might as well not have gone through the expense. Take your time to survey the home while trying to match the most suitable location with what you want to achieve out of your new security plan. Some of the most recommended areas are the first story windows, points of entry such as basements, garage doors, etc.

There are those who prefer the covert rear cameras that re out of sight and reach. At the front, they place dummy cameras that look authentic, to act as a deterrence. This way, if an intruder breaks into one of them, you will have recorded the act instead. Here are the top five recommended spots.

Your front door

2InterNACHI 2005 estimates indicate that roughly 34 percent of all burglars break in right at the front door. This is the ideal place to have under surveillance. To prevent it from being destroyed by the intruder, have it placed on the second floor and focus its gaze on the front door. There are new technologies such as peephole cameras that allow you to see who is knocking before opening the front door.

The back door

Based on the InterNACHI estimates, 22 percent of burglaries occur from the side or back doors. Have each door armed with a camera. If possible ensure that it stays out of intruders to reach. Ensure that is waterproof and can withstand the elements. In addition, night vision is an equally important feature that must not be overlooked.

Side windows

The windows that face away from the streets are also prime targets for burglars. This reduces their chances of being spotted. Having this spots covered provides an all-around layer of security. On such areas, the wireless remote-controlled cameras are best suited. You can monitor outside right from your smartphone or tablet.

Backyard &side gate

There are some important items that remain outside, for instance, garden machinery and bicycles which can become prime targets for burglars. Motion-sensor floodlights are a good layer of security, especially when accompanied by night vision surveillance cameras. Backyards that are fenced need to have a camera that gives a view of the back gate. As a deterrence, have it fixed in plain sight. This type of posturing is psychological and often makes the intruder move to the next home.


Basement Stairs

The best security installation for your basement is the motion sensors that offer night vision capability. The infra-red night vision, in particular, is best advised. Look for a suitable spot and have it fixed.